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Mario Kart is the undisputed king of fun racers, but according to the latest rumours, Nintendo’s series of racing games will face stiff competition later this year. Multiple sources confirm the return of the Lego Racers series.

After 20 years: is Lego Racers making a comeback?

Is there a gamer out there who has never played Mario Kart? Nintendo’s hit racing game is probably one of the most popular video game series of all time. Only Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch has sold more than 52 million copies (Source: Nintendo).

The success of the series has various clones and alternatives spawned. We present some of them to you in this photo series:

And this year, another Mario Kart alternative joins them! Provided the current rumours come true.

According to multiple sources a new Lego Racers will appear at the end of 2023. This should be called “Lego 2K Drive” and take the strengths of the series to the next level.

So fans can look forward to colorful routes, funky vehicles and lots of clamping blocks.

Better than Mario Kart? Lego Racers was damn good

A comeback of the series is long overdueafter all, the last offshoot, Drome Racers, appeared over 20 years ago.

Since then, the Lego Group various video games with the famous license published, including, for example, Lego Star Wars or some Marvel games. Only one solid racer has not been there for two decades.

But since there is still no official announcement for the racer, a certain skepticism is appropriate.

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Meanwhile, in case you missed the Lego Racers series and more about the fascination of these games If you want to know more, then we recommend this column by our colleague Michael:

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