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If you intend to set up contactless payment with Google Pay or Apple Pay but don’t yet have a suitable credit card, American Express has a good offer for you. The free Amex Blue credit card for new customers is currently offered with a starting balance of up to 45 euros. We have all the details for you.

American Express Blue: Free credit card with €45 bonus

If your looking for one free credit card are, with which you can easily contactless and via Google Pay & Apple Pay you should take a closer look at what American Express has to offer. Currently there is Amex Blue credit card including a starting credit of 45 euros (See offer at American Express).

The amount of the starting credit depends on that Achieving certain sales within the first six months of activating the credit card. You will receive a first partial credit of 7.50 euros from a turnover of 100 euros. For every additional 100 euros you spend, you will receive a further 7.50 euros – until the maximum starting balance of 45 euros is reached. So you have to spend a total of 600 euros on the credit card to get the full 45 euros starting credit.

Amex Blue Credit Card: Check out the offer

The annual fee for the Amex Blue is permanently eliminated. In addition, you do not need to open an additional checking account: simply connect the credit card account to your existing account. The expenses are interest-free with a payment term of up to 30 days and the credit card is Apple Pay-compatible. With the app, you can keep an eye on your transactions in real time at all times, you can block and unblock the card immediately in an emergency and record several cards in it at the same time.

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Amex Blue: These are the pros and cons of the free credit card

The Amex Blue has some advantages, but also some disadvantages. Below we list the details of the free credit card for you.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • The annual fee is waived
  • No extra checking account needed
  • 45 euros start credits, Initial balance
  • Contactless payment in the euro zone free of charge
  • Google & Apple Pay-capable
  • Useful app for clear administration included
  • 1 additional card free of charge
  • Withdraw money: It will 4 percent of the amount
    and at least 5 euros due
  • Fall when withdrawing cash from foreign currency
    once again 2 percent fees at
  • In order to be able to participate in the rewards program, you have to pay an extra 30 euros per year
Amex Blue Credit Card: Check out the offer

Apple explains about Apple Pay: How to add a card on the iPhone


Is the American Express Amex Blue credit card worth it?

If you’re just looking for a credit card that you can use for contactless payments in the EU, it’s worth it AmexBlue just because of that 45 euros starting credit. If you are looking for a VISA card that you can use to pay and withdraw cash abroad for free, the Barclaycard credit card would be something for you.

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