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The Samsung Galaxy S23 has problems that have already occurred with the Galaxy S22. (Image source: GIGA)

With the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra, Samsung has released three exciting smartphones that make a good impression despite the minor adjustments. For some smartphone owners, however, a problem is causing a bad mood. It is particularly annoying that this problem has already occurred with the Galaxy S22.


Samsung Galaxy S23 has problems with Android Auto

Whenever Samsung launches new smartphones, problems arise sooner or later. The more people use the new devices, the faster they will be discovered. The Galaxy S22 already had problems with Android Auto. The connection could either not be established or was very unstable. Exactly the same problem now exists with the Galaxy S23 smartphone. The first owners are currently complaining in the forums of Google and on Reddit about the Android Auto issues.

The problems are not with the car or the built-in system, but clearly with the new Galaxy S23 smartphones, because the older devices worked flawlessly. So it shines again Stability and compatibility issues of Samsung phones with Android Auto. Users who have established the connection both wirelessly and by cable report. It just doesn’t work the way it should for many, leaving owners very frustrated that the same error has reappeared.

This is how good the 200 MP camera of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is:

Is it Samsung or Google?

It is currently not possible to say whether it is directly due to the new Galaxy S23 smartphones or just the combination of the new Samsung cell phone and Android Auto. Back then, a new version of Android Auto helped owners of Galaxy S22 smartphones. So maybe Google needs to do something – or Samsung. The details of the problem are currently very unclear.


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