Galaxy Tab S9 also cuts a fine figure in the bathroom gameandnews

Samsung’s next top Android tablet could be waterproof. That would be a real first for flagship models. The Galaxy Tab S9 is said to have an IP67 certification. Previously, water protection was only available on some Active tablets.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 with IP67 certification

While many higher-priced smartphones have been advertised as waterproof for years, the situation with tablets is often different. Even the high-end tablet, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, isn’t officially waterproof and doesn’t have an IP rating. But that could change with the successor. The Galaxy Tab S9 is said to have an IP67 certification (Source: SamMobile).

In concrete terms, this would mean that customers could use their Galaxy Tab S9 immerse in water for up to 30 minutes provided that the depth does not exceed one meter. In this context, water means fresh water, the protection class does not refer to sea water.

Whether the owner of a Galaxy Tab S9 but really in the bath with her tablet should go is an open question. Despite the IP rating, you shouldn’t take any unnecessary risks – quite apart from the fact that foam and heat aren’t exactly likely to be good for the health of the tablet. At least the Android tablet shouldn’t stop working or lose the warranty if it were to fall into the water.

The manufacturer has already proven that Samsung can produce waterproof tablets. Some models of the Active rangelike the current Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro, have a high IP rating.

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This is what we think of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9: date still unknown

When exactly Samsung will release the Galaxy Tab S9 is not yet known. Rumor has it it should in the third quarter of 2023 come on the market. As with the predecessor, a standard, plus and ultra version can be expected. The manufacturer could rely on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for the processor.

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