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Gasoline and diesel prices have given Germans more than just headaches over the past year. In the meantime things are looking a little better again, but there can be no question of cheap refueling. An ADAC expert gives consumers hope that this will change soon.


ADAC forecast: fuel will continue to be cheaper

Anyone who is dependent on the car has often had an anxious view of the past few months development of fuel prices looked. In 2022 there was practically only the choice between extremely expensive and far too expensive, not a trace of bargains or even just acceptable prices for petrol or diesel. In the meantime, prices are trending downwards again – and should fall further predicts Jürgen Albrecht, an expert on the fuel market at ADAC.

According to him, the worst price phase for motorists is over: If you compare the petrol prices “with the price of oil and the euro exchange rate, they are still rather high, but the decoupling with extreme prices is over“, he explains (source: dpa via Mirror). In other words, the effect of the extreme events of 2022 – such as Putin’s attack on Ukraine – on the prices at the pump has largely evaporated.

At Diesel however be only done part of the way. Although the preferential tax treatment is now having an effect again with slightly cheaper liter prices for diesel, the difference is still too small, Albrecht continues.

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Fill up cheaply: Now consumers are in demand

This does not mean that prices have returned to previous levels. But the forces of the market could now take hold again and regulate the prices: that applies “when competitive forces take effect and nothing out of the ordinary happens”. On top of that, the approaching end of the heating season is helping to have a positive impact on the price of crude oil.

In order for his forecast to work, consumers are now asked again: It is important to compare prices and fill up as cheaply as possible so that the Competitive pressure also increases on more expensive providers. “The mineral oil companies will not voluntarily give up their margins,” Albrecht is certain. However, it remains to be seen whether prices can even come close to those of before 2022 in this way.

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