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Good old cash is making a comeback on TikTok. More and more young people put their bills neatly into small envelopes to keep track of their finances. Even high inflation isn’t stopping them from engaging in cash stuffing.

Cash stuffing: TikTok trend all about cash

Back to cash: The new TikTok trend of cash stuffing seems to help young people in particular to keep a better eye on their spending. Here, the available money for the month is divided into categories such as groceries, shopping and insurance and kept in cash. In most cases, simple envelopes are used (source: Frankfurter Rundschau).

On TikTok, videos that focus on the modern money box get a surprising number of views. The basic principle is similar to that of the household book, which has been used for decades as a tried and tested means of budgeting. The classic is being rediscovered by Generation Z, without any apps or banks. In fact, the trend can be a good way to spend more consciously.

However, it is also clear that cash in times of high inflation maybe not the best of all variants is to save and manage money. However, since banks in Germany are still very reluctant to offer interest on savings, this aspect is not having such a strong impact, at least for the time being.

With these tricks you can shop cheaper in the supermarket:

Instead of cash stuffing: budget apps for smartphones

As a more modern alternative to cash stuffing, a look at budget apps is worthwhile. These not only offer a digital variant of the savings stocking, but can also help to tackle long-term financial planning. Income and expenditure can often be compared here over months or years. A precise categorization of expenses is also provided. We have summarized what else such helpers can do in a separate article: Expenses at a glance: This free app should not be missing from your mobile phone.

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