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According to the will of the EU, there should be an obligation to renovate old residential buildings. Now the Federal Minister for Building, Klara Geywitz, from the SPD is holding out. According to her, the plans are not compatible with the Basic Law. It would be a “harsh intrusion” into homeowners’ property rights.

EU restructuring obligation: Minister holds against it

The EU Parliament has cleared the way for an obligation to renovate old residential buildings. This should help to make the EU climate-neutral. In Germany alone, they could Add up costs to 245 billion euroswith the EU itself providing a funding pot of 150 billion euros.

The Federal Minister for Building, Klara Geywitz, has now positioned herself on the subject in an interview with Deutschlandfunk. She clearly criticizes that a compulsory renovation by law “absolutely harsh interference with homeowners’ property rights” what they consider to be “disproportionate”. She does not consider the EU obligation to refurbish buildings to be compatible with the German Basic Law.

Geywitz warns against this, renters and homeowners to be overwhelmed with the need for renovation and burden them with high investment costs. She emphasizes that the implementation of the EU plan is not particularly realistic due to a lack of construction capacity and the existing investment backlog in other areas.

The Minister of Construction suggests concentrating state renovation funds on public buildings such as schools, town halls and care facilities in order to reduce CO₂ emissions in the building sector. This would save “an extremely large amount of CO₂”. (Source: Deutschlandfunk).

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Geywitz: Changing the heating system is inevitable

In the interview, Geywitz confirms the plans to have new heating systems operated exclusively with at least 65 percent renewable energies from 2024 in order to achieve the climate targets in the building sector. She emphasizes that the heating change is inevitable. The goal is to approach the heating conversion in an economically sensible, socially balanced and ecologically necessary manner.

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