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Google’s Pixel Watch will soon be improved with a software update. But not all customers will benefit from this. Fall detection is probably not intended for German owners of the smartwatch, as a previously leaked country list shows.


Pixel Watch: fall detection not for Germany

Google’s first smartwatch has been available for several months, but some functions will only be added with later software updates. This concerns, among other things the planned fall detection. If the wearer of the smartwatch falls violently, the Pixel Watch detects this via motion sensors and can trigger an alarm. The helpful feature could potentially launch in March.

As is already becoming apparent, the fall detection not offered in all countries become. The latest update of the Pixel Watch app shows that German customers will probably have to do without the function. Instead, it will probably only be introduced in the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, France, Great Britain and Ireland (source: 9to5Google).

It remains unclear whether the List of countries will be expanded in the future or whether it is already a final compilation.

You can see more about the first smartwatch from Google in the video:


Google Pixel Watch introduced

Pixel Watch: This is how fall detection works

In addition to the countries where fall detection is planned to be introduced are in the Pixel Watch app for more information turned up to function. According to them, the smartwatch will vibrate 30 seconds after the fall and set off an audible alarm.

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If the wearer does not react, the Pixel Watch then automatically tries to make an emergency call. During the emergency call, the smartwatch plays an automatic message and gives the current location. The wearer can also speak directly to the emergency services center during this time if they are able to.

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