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If you’re currently unable to access your email in your Gmail account, you’re not alone. There seems to be major problems at Google and some services are not working.

Users around the world are reporting that they can’t access their messages on Gmail. Instead, an error page appears with the message “502. That’s an error”. If you look at the official overview of the status of Google services, you can see that problems are already known.

Is Gmail down?

If you currently need to compose or want to read an e-mail and you do not have access to your Gmail inbox, you will have to be patient until the disruptions are rectified. There is still no information from Google about how long the disruptions will last and what the causes of the Gmail problems are. In urgent cases, you can try trying another device to access your Gmail account. If it doesn’t work on the PC, for example, try the Gmail app on the smartphone.

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According to alle, more than 1,000 users in Germany have already reported problems with Google services, but it doesn’t seem to be a general problem. So there are also users with a Gmail account whose Gmail is not down and who can continue to access their e-mails in the Google mailbox.

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