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With the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung has launched one of the best smartphones on the market. Ever since the mobile phone hit the market, new problems have kept popping up. This time it concerns the S Pen, which sometimes drives the owners crazy. An update should fix the problem.


Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: S Pen update is here

Update from March 10, 2023: Samsung has one new version of Air Command for the S Pen of the Galaxy S23 Ultra released on the Galaxy Store. This eliminates the connection problems with the pen. Make sure the version is (source: SamMobile).

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Ever since Samsung brought the new Galaxy S23 smartphones onto the market, owners who have noticed problems have occasionally reported. For example, shortly after the market launch, it became known that the Galaxy S23 smartphones were again having problems with Android Auto. This was already the case when the Galaxy S22 models were launched and is therefore doubly annoying. But now a completely new problem has appeared, which only affects the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the S Pen.

At Twitteron Reddit or in Samsung forum the complaints are increasing more and more after the first owners described the problem more than two weeks ago. Specifically, it is about the S Pen of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which when removed According to the display, the connection to the smartphone immediately loses. The pen must then be reinserted into the smartphone to reestablish the connection.


There doesn’t seem to be a real solution to the S-Pen problem with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra at the moment. The Also, resetting the pen is only supposed to be a solution for a limited time. After that the problem should appear again. Samsung must therefore probably help with a software update. As always, not all owners are affected. So you might be lucky.

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We took a close look at the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in the video:

S Pen works despite connection error

The strange thing about the story is that the S Pen works despite the broken connection to the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. It’s probably just this ad that gets on the nerves of the owners. It is quite possible that this primarily means the Bluetooth connection to the S Pen. Because the digitizer in the display of the smartphone also recognizes the pen. We’re curious to see what this story turns out to be and whether Samsung will soon be able to solve the problem with a software update.

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