Google brings ingenious pixel function to every iPhone gameandnews

Google is bringing a Pixel-exclusive feature to other Android smartphones and iPhones. (Image source: GIGA)

With the Pixel 6, Google has integrated a function that can save photos if an unwanted person or object appears in the picture. This feature was previously only available on Pixel phones. But that is changing now. Now all Android smartphones and iPhone owners can access it. However, you must meet a requirement.


Google is bringing magic eraser to more smartphones

Google is constantly developing new functions for smartphones, which are initially only available for Pixel models, but over time end up on other devices as well. This is exactly what is happening again. Google has officially announced that the magic eraser from the Photos app will be supported by the Pixel phones on many more devices. With that you can remove objects or peoplewhich you didn’t want to be in the picture. Machine learning removes the object or person and models the image as it would look without them. An example:

The magic eraser can now be used on all Android phones and iPhones. (Image source: Google)

I personally am a big fan of this feature on my Pixel 6 Pro (test), because it happens again and again that you discover unwanted content in an image. In my experience, however, there needs to be some color difference for the feature to work well. If the objects to be removed and the background are too similar, then it doesn’t always work. However, Google continues to work on optimizing the function.

In addition to the integration of the magic eraser, Google also carries the HDR effect for videos one and distributes one Update for the collage editor.

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In the video we show you the exclusive features of Google for Pixel phones:

New features for Google One subscribers

However, the new functions are not completely free of charge like on the Pixel smartphones. All of the above features only receive those users who have a Google One subscription. So Google is making the feature available to more people, but not making it free just yet. Nevertheless, an interesting way that Google is going.

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