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With Android 14, Google will take targeted action against apps that make false promises. For some alleged speed or memory boosters, the next version of Android should mean the end. According to Google, such popular apps do more harm than good.

Android 14: Google takes action against speed boosters

New documentation has been discovered in the already published second preview of Android 14. It describes how access to a specific API is significantly restricted. It is primarily used by apps that claim to make smartphones faster. According to Google In reality, however, there is no speed boost. On the contrary, the performance of the system is often even impaired by such apps.

Specifically, speed boosters use the option kill processes running in the background. This frees up more memory, which can then be used for the open apps. According to Google, however, Android is already designed in such a way that cached applications are automatically closed when the system needs more memory.

If a supposed speed or memory booster unnecessarily closes other apps, this can reduce system performance and even increase battery consumption since these apps have to be restarted later, which consumes significantly more resources.

Google even works one step further and claims that it’s “not possible” for third-party apps to improve battery consumption or system performance.

In the video: This is what the current Android 13 offers.

Android 14: Google refers to Play Store guidelines

Google clearly shows that things are really getting tight for speed booster apps with Android 14. Developers should ensure their apps follow the Play Store’s policy against “deceptive behavior”. According to Google, this also includes “misleading claims” about featureswhich “cannot be implemented” in practice (source: espers).

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