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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League hasn’t sparked any real hype yet – and it’s getting worse. After fans got excited about the Battle Pass, Rocksteady is adding even more frustration with a hated online feature.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Update February 24, 2023:

A look at the FAQs for the upcoming action-adventure Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League reveals that developer Rocksteady has integrated online enforcement into the game. So you can’t play the DC blockbuster without an internet connection – a decision which, as expected, led to protests on Reddit leads. Being forced online has always been one of the most disliked features in the community, especially when it extends to single player as well.


Reddit users leave the previous impressions of Suicide Squad bad hair. After already weeks ago horrified at the battle pass and loadout menu that reminds many of the live service flop Marvel’s Avengers, the online compulsion is now exacerbating the situation. The fact that fans have had to wait 8 years since Arkham Knight for Rocksteady’s next DC adventure and that this now comes across as a live service game à la Anthem is a bitter disappointment for many.

The latest trailer hasn’t been well received by fans either – check out the gameplay snippet in the video here.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Original message from January 19, 2023:

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – leaked image causes an uproar

With Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, publisher Warner Bros. wants to land another game success in the DC universe. After the acclaimed Arkham trilogy, expectations are high for developer Rocksteady’s runaway superhero adventure, slated for release in 2023. A leaked image from ingame menu however, now raises fears that the game could become a live service project with microtransactions.

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Like Marvel’s Avengers? Battle Pass scares fans

The Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League menu image is currently being heavily criticized by the community on Reddit and Twitter. The screenshot shows the main four playable characters, Captain Boomerang, Harley Quinn, Deadshot and King Shark – but fans are much more interested for the centrally placed Battle Pass and Store tabswhich seem to confirm live service elements for the game.

The missions that can be selected in the menu and the loadout options are also reminiscent of many Games-as-a-Service disaster Marvel’s Avengers by Square Enix. A lot of commentators are quite disappointed with this first impression, although for some the 4-player co-op principle already hinted at a concept with a focus on live service and microtransactions.

  • “All my hype for the game is gone in an instant. This is the last.” (Reddit user wheresthelambsauceee)
  • “Battle pass? loadout? Different currencies? I’ve been waiting for this for 8 years lol.” (Reddit user Relative_Cause1528)
  • “Yep. That looks veeeeeery much like the Avengers. I’ll skip that real quick if it’s real.” (Reddit user shichibukai3000)

(Source: Reddit)

Check out the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League gameplay trailer below:

SUICIDE SQUAD: KILL THE JUSTICE LEAGUE – Gameplay Trailer Deutsch Deutsch (2021)

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