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Heat pumps will play a crucial role in the next few years in making many German households that have been heating with gas or oil independent of fossil fuels. Only a professional can determine whether a house is suitable for a heat pump. However, you can get an initial assessment online at the heat pump traffic light on an interactive map.

Heat pump traffic light enables initial assessment

If you still have a gas or oil heating system but are interested in purchasing a heat pump but don’t want to get an energy consultant who can give you professional advice, you can use the heat pump traffic light (visit website) already get an initial assessmentwhether a heat pump would be possible in your house. On the basis of many parameters and different types of heat pump, an assessment is made as to which type of heat pump could be suitable. A random example in our city:

A heat pump would be possible in this house. (Image source: GIGA)

In the Many factors play a major role in the assessment. Including the type of building or whether there is enough distance to the next building. This is usually the biggest problem, for example with terraced houses. Air source heat pumps generate noise and should therefore not be placed too close to another property or building. If there is no space, the building is marked red or yellow.

But it should really only be used as a first clue, because in many cases heat pumps can also be used where it would not be possible according to the map. So if you want to remodel, you should always get a professional energy consultant to guide you through the whole process.

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A solar system can provide the necessary energy for a heat pump:

Heat pumps are getting better and better

The interactive map is also just a snapshot. Especially in the field of heat pumps, massive research and improvements are currently being carried out due to the high demand and great interest. More and more heat pumps offer a higher flow temperature and can therefore also be used in old buildings. In addition, the noise level drops. Bosch recently presented two heat pumps that are particularly quiet. These can then in turn be installed in densely populated residential areas.


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