Here you get the same solar system 120 euros cheaper gameandnews

You can save a lot when buying a balcony power plant. (Image source: Veska)

More and more people want to buy a balcony power plant and thus produce electricity themselves. At the same time, more and more dealers are offering mini solar systems that are sold at supposedly low prices. But you should take a close look, because at Saturn a system costs 120 euros more than it should.

Balcony power plant at Saturn for 799 euros

Balcony power plants are booming, so it’s no wonder that more and more retailers are taking the opportunity to do good business. In order for a mini solar system to be worthwhile, you should not pay too much. From time to time the dealer also decides whether the offer is good. As in the case of Saturn, where a dealer sells an 830-watt solar system for 799 euros (check out Saturn) that the same dealer offers on eBay for 679 euros (look at eBay). So you can save 120 euros. Shipping costs are also not charged on eBay.

830 W / 600 W balcony power plant photovoltaic solar system ready to plug in WIFI Smart

830 W / 600 W balcony power plant photovoltaic solar system ready to plug in WIFI Smart

The price may be higher now. Price from 03/02/2023 21:23

At Saturn itself you have to pay more for the same system at the same dealer:

You can get a balcony power plant cheaper on eBay than at Saturn. (Image source: GIGA)

Incidentally, Saturn itself has nothing to do with it. The retailer EveMotion GmbH simply uses the platform for sales. Just as is the case with eBay.


The balcony power plant itself is definitely a recommendation. You get a complete set two powerful solar cells with a total of 830 watts, one 600 watt inverter with WiFi and a cable with a safety plug so that you can connect the mini solar system directly.

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In the video we tell you everything about balcony power plants:

You also need this for your balcony power plant

If you buy a balcony power plant as a complete set, everything you need to operate it is included. But you still need a bracket. It always depends on whether you really want to hang the set on a balcony (look on eBay) or whether you can perhaps mount the system on a garden shed. Then you can use these brackets (look at eBay). I hung my balcony power plant on a carport and saved a lot of money with it.

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