“He’s cheating!” – 13 angry sentences that every gamer knows gameandnews

Gamers are often incredibly proud. Instead of admitting defeat and coming to terms with it, we prefer to look for suitable excuses to put our failure into perspective. Often the same sentences are used that each of you has probably used before.

Excuses instead of insight: when the game is to blame again

“I pressed it!””What kind of hitbox is that?!””It MUST be a bug!”

If its about Excuses for our own failures goes, we players are often very creative. Instead of admitting that we made a mistake, we prefer to blame the game or circumstances.

We have them for you 13 Gaming Excuses together, which you have probably already used yourself or at least heard of:

Yep, if the console or PC hardware isn’t powerful enough, that can actually happen. But let’s be honest: do you REALLY think you could have easily taken on the 40 monsters that just got in your way if the game hadn’t been lagging?

Especially with shooters like Call of Duty, Battlefield or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the player is quickly tempted to condemn the opponent as a cheater – even before you even take a look at the killcam. There it is usually revealed that the alleged cheater only played better in the end.


Well apparently not – or too late. Otherwise you would have parried the attack with his sword instead of him full pot with your face to “repel”.

Especially in fight games it can happen that some characters have an inherent advantage over other fighters because they can specifically exploit their weaknesses. The thing is, YOU chose this character. So don’t whine when your buddy polishes your eating board digitally.

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The good old “The game is totally unrealistic” excuse, a classic! This evasion is often used in football games such as FIFA and PES.

The only problem with it: Doesn’t that not matter at all? Neither FIFA nor PES are known for depicting football games in a particularly realistic way. Would be so boring. Because then you would only play the ball soullessly in midfield for half of the game.

No question, there are games in which the camera work is really borderline. It can happen that a tree suddenly completely blocks your view or you can admire a rock texture from the inside and you therefore die.

Thing is, if you’ve been playing the game for a few hours, you already know about these issues and can actually work around them in almost any situation.

nopewere not you.

Warzone players in particular can probably sing a song about it. Sure, no question: Some weapons are significantly better than others on average. But let’s be honest: No Knifte can dominate at all distances.

If you notice that you can’t counter your opponent at medium range because he’s using a powerful assault rifle, then just try to shorten the distance and then hit him in the butt with a load of buckshot in house combat – very simple!

Classic excuse for all couch versus games. Should really know everyone.

Or maybe you just are too bad for your current rank? Ever thought about it?

Some opponents or game points are so difficult that you sometimes have the feeling that they are bugged. But they are not!

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No question, Germany is not exactly the prime example when it comes to internet expansion. But it is veeeeeeeery improbable that your router is going off the rails at the exact moment your opponent hits you on the head.

Well… was that you?

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