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New price 3,000 marks, today for 200 euros? With a bit of luck you can find a fantastic vintage stereo system on the used market at a bargain price. In our overview, we show you the most important hi-fi second-hand retailers in Germany.

Does it always have to be an expensive new purchase? There are interesting alternatives, especially in the hi-fi sector. Away from big retailers like Amazon and MediaMarkt, there is a scene that collects, exchanges and sells technological treasures from the past. Instead of constantly buying everything new, it can definitely be worthwhile to find a reputable one Used dealer for high fidelity (Hi-Fi). If a tape deck, loudspeaker or discman has been treated and cared for well, then it can still do its job reliably even after decades. An old stereo system can be supplemented with newer functions with the appropriate accessories, for example by connecting a cheap Bluetooth adapter or adding a current network player. This not only saves money, but is also consistent.

Sony Discman D-121 from 1993: now difficult to obtain in good technical condition (Image source: GIGA)

Hi-Fi used: Overview of German dealers for second-hand audio (vintage, B-Ware)

I was recently looking for a Yamaha CD player and found a fabulous model at a bargain price. So I made a small list of dealers who specialize in second-hand audio – without claiming to be exhaustive, of course.


  • EliteHiFi Franke & Franke: Shop (Wilhelmshavener Str. 67, 10551 Berlin). You can find it on Ebay under the name EliteHiFi.
  • fine hifi Online shop with a large selection (amplifier, CD, minidisc player from Sony, Denon, Onkyo etc.), can also be found on Ebay under the name fein-hifi_de.
  • HiFi in the backyard: Online shop and shop (Großbeerenstraße 65/66, 10963 Berlin). In addition to new goods, it also offers used (b-goods) items.
  • Moabit HiFi Shop: Shop to browse (Alt-Moabit 83, 10555 Berlin). Telephone: 030 3912293.
  • NorMall: Used goods department store of the BSR (Auguste-Viktoria-Allee 99, 13403 Berlin). There’s furniture, clothing, toys, books … and hi-fi equipment as well. There I bought a Yamaha CDX-930 (formerly 1,000 DM) for a mere 22 euros. Visible signs of wear, but fully functional and great sound.
  • RetroAudio BERLIN “Sound of Time”: Online shop and eBay. Leads among others Accuphase and Transrotor.
  • Vintage Fidelity: Ebay Classifieds. Dealer from Berlin-Moabit with a fine selection.
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  • Audioscope: Online shop. Impressive selection of high-end equipment, including complete systems (“Jet Sets”).



  • Phonosaurus: Christian Schonner mainly sells turntables, find on eBay classifieds and in the antique and market hall (Im Dahlacker 70, 40223 Düsseldorf-Bilk).


  • auditorium: Online shop and shops (Feidikstr. 93, 59065 Hamm; Poggenmühle 1, 20457 Hamburg; Alter Steinweg 22-24, 48143 Münster). In addition to new goods, it also offers used (b-goods) items.




  • Second Shark Fi: Shop (Ohlmüllerstr. 6, 81541 Munich) with a humorous name like many a hairdresser.


  • spring air: Online shop and shop (Waldorfer Str. 20 (A-61 exit), 56651 Niederzissen). Handpicked selection with high-end equipment.



Buying used hi-fi: you should know that

It’s bitter to see what’s on the bulky waste or the recycling center ends up in the e-waste container. Sure, some devices can no longer be saved – but often a small one would repair enough to allow many more years of use. The amp doesn’t turn on anymore? It might just be a backup. The CD player jumps? The laser unit needs to be cleaned. The system has sound dropouts? It’s probably just a hairline crack on the circuit board. How vulnerable a vintage hi-fi device is depends on the type of product, storage and age. Some components (capacitors, batteries, rubber, belts, beads) wear out over time.

Good used goods dealer describe clearly in their offers how the condition of the item is – and whether a cleaning, repair or general overhaul has taken place. Commercial dealers are obliged to a one-year warranty – an important argument for customers who are unsure. If in doubt, ask again before you buy what the return will look like.

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At private sellers caution is advised: It is essential to check the reputation (Ebay ratings) beforehand. In the case of classified ads, if possible, have the item inspected and demonstrated on site. Since there is no official vocabulary, all statements are flexible terms: sometimes “for hobbyists” means that the device works, but has strong signs of use and is no longer suitable as a showpiece in the living room – but sometimes it is also a euphemistic paraphrase for “total junk”.

Despite all the skepticism and tension, it must also be said: The hunt for vintage hi-fi is fun and definitely worth it sustainable hobby. Everything doesn’t always have to be new.

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