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There are a number of dungeons to explore in Hogwarts Legacy. Among them are also special burial mounds, also called “tombs”. In the following we show you all the dungeons of the burial mounds with their localities.

All dungeons in barrows

In order to unlock the Intrepid Explorer trophy, you must visit all of the tumulus dungeons in Hogwarts Legacy. There are 5 of them in total. You can visit the first two dungeons in tumuli at any time, the other three dungeons are tied to special missions.

Dale Family Crypt – Location

The Dale family tomb is located southeast of Hogwarts, all the way to the east. You can visit the tomb at any time and complete the dungeon. More specifically, the dungeon is located in the Hogwarts Valley area, in the far northeast. We show you the location in the following screenshot:

Tomb of Treason – location

You can also do the second burial mound visit anytime in the open world. The Tomb of Treason is located in the Poidsear Coast area to the north. To get to the dungeon entrance, you must fly through the waterfall to the north. Behind it you can enter the family grave. We show you in the following picture:

Gatherer’s Cave, Feldcroft Catacomb & Moonstone Garden – Locations

The You get the next three barrows through different missions. The first grave is the “collector’s cave”, you visit that during the main mission “Urtkot’s Helm”. So you visit it automatically during the story.

The Feldcroft Catacomb grave you visit during the 6th side missions of Sebastian Sallow, more specifically in the Side quest “In the Shadow of Time”. So if you complete Sebastian’s quest line, you will automatically visit the tomb. By the way, during these missions you can learn one of the unforgivable curses.


The last Moonstone Garden Barrow is visited during the side quest The Centaur and the Stone, which is part of Poppy Sweeting’s quest line. So when you complete Poppy’s quests, you will automatically visit the tomb. After the side quest, the side mission “A Snitch in the Hand” is waiting for you.

Once you’ve visited all 5 barrows, you’ll earn the Intrepid Discovery achievement. By the way, you don’t have to complete the first two tombs completely. Entering the grave is enough for the achievement.

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