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As part of the order “To the top” you should penetrate the Falbarton Castle with Natty. Here you have to climb a fortress wall and then open the gate to let Natty inside. We will help you to complete this part of the quest and climb the fortress wall and open the gate.

Hogwarts legacy

climb the fortress wall

Go to the marked location and talk to Natty there. She wants to break into Falbarton Castle with you to retrieve a letter. Natty wants to wait at the main gate until you find a way in to open the gates for her. After the conversation runs Pass the bridge to the castle on the right and look up at the fortress wall to the quest marker. You have to climb this wall to get into the fortress. The picture below shows you the location.

This is where you need to climb the fortress wall in Hogwarts Legacy to progress in the quest “Way to the Top”. (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

The first two arrows from the bottom show you the walls that are easy to climb. All you have to do here is climb up. To climb the final wall, you need to find a crate and climb up it with the help of Levioso. This crate is on the left behind the small gate. You can easily open the gate by casting the Depulso spell on the crank to the left, for example (see the following image).

You have to cast Depulso on this crank to open the gate. (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

After the gate has gone up, you have to use Wingardium Leviosa to get the crate out of the room and place it in front of the fortress wall that you want to climb. Now cast Levioso on the box and climb on top of it. From here you shouldn’t have any trouble climbing the final wall. The image below shows you how it should look like.

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In order to scale the last stretch of the fortress wall, you must cast Levioso on the crate and then climb over it.

Open the main gate for Natty

After you climbed up, you need to open the main gate for Natty. Look around above and you will see a wooden pallet leaning against a wall. Destroy the palette with Depulso and you will see a passage behind it that you can crawl into.

You can’t cast spells while crouching, but you can hurl the crate that’s in your way from the outside. Either go around the corner to pull the box through the small window towards you. Or you just cast Depulso right down the hall. The picture below shows you the angle.

Help yourself with the button responsible for aiming (on the PS5 it is L2) so that you can throw the crate at the right angle with Depulso. (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

When the box is no longer in your way, you can enter the room. Now you must act several times on the crank on the left Depulsountil the gate moves all the way up and then Accio on the gold ringto keep the gate open. If the wooden wall doesn’t fall down as a result, you may not be standing close enough. The following picture shows you which crank and which golden ring we mean.

The crank on the bottom left and the golden ring in the middle are crucial if you want to open the gate for Natty.

Once you’ve done that, Natty will climb up the ladder and open the lock on the door for you. This allows the mission “To the top” to continue.

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