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There is a day and night cycle in Hogwarts Legacy. So you can only start many quests and other activities at certain times of the day. Here we explain how you can change the time of day, fast forward time and skip the night.

Hogwarts legacy

Change time of day and fast forward time

If you want to start certain quests, you sometimes have to wait in front of the starting point and let the time pass before you can start. The game also offers you a waiting function here. You can also change the time of day yourself, for example if you want to make it night.

Just open the map screen. At the bottom right of the screen you will see the “Wait” option, which you can activate on console versions by pressing the right stick. This allows you to pass time from day to night and night to day. Once pressed, confirms the hint screen to initiate the day-night cycle.

You can find the waiting function in the Hogwarts Legacy map screen (Source: Screenshot GIGA).
The Wait feature can be found on the Hogwarts Legacy map screen (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

Unfortunately, you cannot set an exact time, there are only these two points in time in the game world that you can jump to at any time. Incidentally, not only can you change the day-night cycle in the game, but you can also change your appearance and appearance.

This is how the day-night change affects the game

Although the inhabitants of the game world of Hogwarts Legacy do not have their own daily routine that they follow, the time of day does have an influence on some gameplay mechanics.

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Some magical beasts only appear at certain times of the day. You can only find and catch moon calves at night under the moonlight. And the Demiguise Statues, one of the collectibles in the game, can only be collected at night.

Most of the classes only take place during the day, The exception is the astronomy course, where you can logically only look at the starry sky at night. Accordingly, the astronomy altars can only be locked at night. All other activities can be done during the day.

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