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Astronomy altars are one of the collectibles in Hogwarts Legacy that require you to aim a telescope to spot the corresponding star constellation in the night sky. At this point we show you the locations of all 15 astronomy altars in the course of the game.

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Locations of all 15 Astronomy Altars

Astronomy Altars will only be unlocked after completing the 29th main mission, Lesson: Astronomy. As the mission progresses, you will also automatically complete your first altar. To do this, you interact with the corresponding stone altars and then rotate and zoom to align the telescope so that it matches the respective star constellation.

Important NOTE: Astronomy altars you can only at night conclude. So you may need to change the time of day before you can interact with them.

The Astronomy Altars are unmissable, so you can complete them whenever you want. If you zoom out completely on the map in the region overview, you can see per region how many altars there are in the region and how many you have already completed. They will be marked with a moon icon on the map.

In the Challenges menu under the “Exploration” category, you can find yourself after every five completed altars collect all three parts of the Star Seer outfit. Below we show you the exact ones Locations for all 15 Astronomy Altars and which zodiac signs represent the solutions.

Swamp at the north ford (1 altar)

Astronomy Altar #1: centaur

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Forbidden Forest (1 altar)

Astronomy Altar #2: Dragon

Hogsmeade Valley (1 altar)

Astronomy Altar #3: Lion

Hogwarts Grounds (1 Altar)

Astronomy Altar #4: Phoenix

Region south of Hogwarts (2 altars)

Astronomy Altar #5: lyre

You will automatically complete it during the main mission Lesson: Astronomy.

Astronomy Altar #6: Scorpio

Hogwarts Valley (2 altars)

Astronomy Altar #7: Crow

Astronomy Altar #8: Capricorn

Feldcroft Region (2 Altars)

Astronomy Altar #9: lizard

Astronomy Altar #10: pendulum clock

Poidsear Coast (1 Altar)

Astronomy Altar #11: water snake

Marunweem Lake (1 altar)

Astronomy Altar #12: Big dog

Cape at Manor (1 Altar)

Astronomy Altar #13: Protect

Cragcroftshire (1 altar)

Astronomy Altar #14: whale

Clagmar Coast (1 Altar)

Astronomy Altar #15: wolf

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