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In Hogwarts Legacy you will once again encounter swarms of butterflies, which you should follow to discover a collection chest with new summoning items. At this point we show you the localities of all 15 butterflies on the map.

Hogwarts legacy

Locations of all butterflies

If you see some butterflies flying around in the game world, it’s worth chasing after them. They lead you namely to a hidden collection chest with summoning items. If you want to complete the game 100%, you have to find all 15 butterflies of this type on the map.

This is a little tricky as the butterflies are not listed in the region overview on the collectibles map. In addition, they are only marked on the map when you are very close to them. Then pay attention to that Butterfly symbol on map and minimap.


If you approach them they will fly away and lead you to a chest if you follow them to the end. If you ever lose sight of them, look at the minimap, the butterfly symbol will move there. Alternatively, you can fast travel to reload the area and try again. Their locations do not change.

In the following we will show you the Locations of all 15 butterflies on map sections. You can complete this activity at any time during the game, even after the story, they cannot be missed.

North Ford Swamp (1 butterfly)

Butterfly #1

Forbidden Forest (1 butterfly)

Butterfly #2

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Hogsmeade Valley (1 butterfly)

Butterfly #3

Region north of Hogwarts (2 butterflies)

Butterfly #4: You will automatically complete it during the course of the side mission “Follow the Butterflies”. You can start it in The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade after completing the 13th main mission “Lesson: Potions”.

Butterfly #5

Region south of Hogwarts (2 butterflies)

Butterfly #6

Butterfly #7

Hogwarts Valley (3 butterflies)

Butterfly #8

Butterfly #9

Butterfly #10

Feldcroft Region (2 butterflies)

Butterfly #11

Butterfly #12

Poidsear Coast (2 butterflies)

Butterfly #13

Butterfly #14

Clagmar Coast (1 Butterfly)

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