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In Hogwarts Legacy you can find and unlock 13 different magical beasts. You can look after them, feed them or even breed them to have offspring. At this point we show you the localities of all animal creatures and also tell you how you can sell them if you don’t have money.

Hogwarts legacy

Unlock magical beasts

Before you can devote yourself to the magical creatures, you must first follow the main missions for a while. Because first after the 28th main mission “The elf, the knapsack and the loom” you get your snap sack from house elf Deek in the Room of Requirement, with which you can catch animals. Likewise, an enclosure will be unlocked in the Room of Requirement into which you can release the beasts.

Along with the snap sack, you will also receive a beast brush and beast food. With this you can brush and feed your collected creatures. You equip the instruments like magic spells and can use them as often as you like. Grooming is also worthwhile, as each species always gives you some of its fur after brushing and feeding. You use these materials to improve equipment and change properties.

breed beasts

As the game progresses, you even get the opportunity to breed animals. This feature is unlocked by completing Deek’s side missions. During his mission “The Colt of Death” new pens will be unlocked in the Room of Requirement and you can summon a breeding pens.

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Breeding creatures is as simple as releasing a male and a female of a species into the same pen where there is a breeding pen. Then use the sign next to the enclosure and confirm that you want to breed offspring. Note that you can only breed offspring of the same species. Crosses between different species are not possible.

Through the breeding enclosure you take care of the offspring of the animals (Source: Screenshot GIGA).
You take care of the offspring of the animal creatures via the breeding enclosure (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

You have to afterwards Wait 30 minutes in real time, until the offspring appears in the enclosure. You can then care for and raise them like all other animals.

sell beasts

You can also earn money with beasts. You can sell beasts in your knapsack at the Beak & Brood shop in Hogsmeade. For each type, regardless of rarity, you can get it here 120 gold pieces.

At "beak & brood" you can sell animals (Source: Screenshot GIGA).
At “Beak & Brood” you can sell beasts (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

Catching Creatures – All Locations

There are 13 types in gameplay and when you are using “Make more out of two” If you want to unlock one of the Hogwarts Legacy trophies and achievements, you not only have to find them all, but also breed 12 of the 13 species. The only exception is the phoenix, which only exists once in the game.

In the following we list you all animal creature localities. They cannot be missed and you can collect them all even after the story ends. In addition, there are several localities for many species. Note the paw symbols on the map that mark the natural habitats of the magical creatures. There are several habitats for many species, we show you exemplary localities here.

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A Build with diricawls can be found south of Hogwarts on a hill west of the river.


A Build with Fwuupern For example, is located in the westernmost part of the map in the Feldcroft region.

Giant Purple Toad

A Burrow with giant purple toads can be found just northeast of Hogsmeade.


You can’t miss Graphorns, as you automatically get one as a mount during the 44th main mission “San Bakar’s Trial” unlocks. You can only start this quest at level 24, so you will get a Graphorn accordingly late. After the mission, a burrow with Graphorns will also unlock in the southeast corner of the map. Note that you always have to defeat Graphorns in combat before you can grab them with the Snapsack.


A Building with Hippogriffs you can discover in the middle of the forbidden forest north of Hogwarts.


A Build with Jobberknolls can be found in the south of the Feldcroft region.


A Construction with knees Located in the South Sea Swamp south of Hogwarts.


A Burrow with moon calves is directly west of Hogwarts above the Quidditch Stadium.

Important NOTE: Mooncalves only spawn at night in the burrow. So you may need to change the time of day.


A Build with Nifflers can be found in the south of the Feldcroft region.


The phoenix is ​​a special animal. It only appears once in the game and you cannot breed it. You get it automatically in the final quest from house elf Deek in the Room of Requirement. So complete all of his missions to get to the last one Mission “Phoenix Departure” to get the majestic bird.

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Right between Hogsmeade and Hogwarts you can have one Construction with cuddle muffs discover.


A Build with thestrals can be found in the very north of the map, to the right of the forbidden forest.


A burrow with unicorns is unlocked by completing the Hogsmeade side quest The Unique Unicorn. The mission unlocks at around level 23. After completing the mission, you can visit the burrow with unicorns on the eastern edge of the forbidden forest as often as you like.

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