The firebird phoenix is ​​one of the special animals in Hogwarts Legacy that you can only get through a specific quest. At this point we will show you how you can catch the phoenix and answer the question of whether you can breed a phoenix.

Hogwarts legacy

Find and catch phoenix

You can’t just find the majestic phoenix in the game world. Instead you have to complete the side mission house-elf Deek follow in the Room of Requirement. This includes:

  • house elf heartache: Unlocked after completing the 32nd main mission “Way to the Top”.
  • The Colt of Death: Unlocked after completing the 34th main mission “Charles Rookwood’s Trial”.
  • Phoenix departure: Unlocked after completing the 40th main mission “Trial of Niamh Fitzgerald”.

During “Phoenix Departure” you will automatically have to catch the phoenix with your grab bag during mission progression. So just follow the quest markers and it will be yours in the end.

Follow house elf Deek's side missions in the Room of Requirement to get the phoenix (Source: Screenshot GIGA).
Follow house elf Deek’s side missions in the Room of Requirement to get the phoenix (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

Can you breed a phoenix?

Unfortunately, you cannot breed a phoenix. The phoenix is ​​the only animal that only appears once in the game. There is no burrow anywhere on the map where you could find more phoenixes. So the phoenix from the quest will remain your only copy.

Accordingly, the phoenix is ​​not relevant for the trophy “Make more from two”, where you have to breed all animals at least once. The phoenix is ​​not relevant for this achievement.

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Otherwise you can release the phoenix like any other animal in your enclosure and care for it with a brush and food so that it can give you material in the form of phoenix feathers drops that you can use to upgrade equipment. Incidentally, the phoenix is ​​not the only rare animal. Elsewhere we show you where to find unicorns.

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