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The Key of Admission is an important item in Hogwarts Legacy that you need to solve one of the mysteries of Hogwarts. Here you can find out where you can find and use the key of approval.

Hogwarts legacy

Find the key of approval

The key of admission is near the Headmaster’s office at Hogwarts. Before you can find the key here, however, the following requirements must be met:

Once you have met the requirements, go to the fast travel point The Grand Staircase → Trophy Room. From here, head north along the walkway until you come to a latticed door that leads to a set of stairs. From here, just keep following the path up to the headmaster’s office.


In the office on the left, open the door with the Tier II lock. This will take you to an outdoor area and you can go up another set of stairs. At the end you have to open a door with a Tier III lock. Run up the stairs that follow until you come to a room with a large glass window.

Go through this door in the headmaster's office (Source: Screenshot GIGA).
Go through this door in the Headmaster’s Office (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

Since this room is the highest point in Hogwarts, this is where you switch when you first arrive “Beautiful view” one of the trophies and achievements of Hogwarts Legacy. On the right side of the room you will finally find the Key of admission on the desk.

The key to the admission is on the desk at the highest point of Hogwarts (Source: Screenshot GIGA).
On the desk at the highest point of Hogwarts lies the key of admission (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

Use the license key

Now you might be wondering where you can use the key of admission. All you have to do is go back the way you came to the Headmaster’s office.

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As soon as you come to a passage lined with winged statues on the left and right, walk to the end here mechanical door. Here you can use the key of admission.

The key of approval belongs to this door (Source: Screenshot GIGA).
The key of admission belongs to this door (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

Reward for solving the puzzle

You can behind the door a chest with legendary equipment plunder. You can also find it above two collection chests as well as one manual page.

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