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For Professor Onai’s quest in Hogwarts Legacy, you should find a booger and also use the Depulso spell on an airborne enemy. This will give you the Descendo spell as a reward. At this point we will guide you through all the steps of this mission and show you where you can find trolls.

Hogwarts legacy

find boogers

A gross one booger you get logically from trolls. But where can you find trolls? If you’re following the main missions, you’ll occasionally fight some trolls, but if you’re specifically looking for them, it gets more difficult.

Luckily, there are a few troll hideouts in the open game world, which are marked with a cave icon on the map. In the Feldcroft region southwest of Hogwarts you will find two troll hideouts close together. We have marked them for you on the map below.

Troll hideouts in the Feldcroft region southwest of Hogwarts (Source: Screenshot GIGA).
Troll hideouts in the Feldcroft region southwest of Hogwarts (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

If you haven’t ventured that far out of Hogwarts yet, we recommend unlocking the broomstick and flying. Then defeat a troll in one of the hideouts and grab the booger from him. They will always drop this slimy loot for you.

Hit a levitated enemy with Depulso

The second subtask is a bit easier because you have to levitate any enemy, i.e. levitate it, and then throw it away with the Depulso spell. You learn Depulso from Professor Sharp’s task 1. If you haven’t mastered the spell yet, you must first complete his mission.

Next, you need to equip spells and get the Put Levitation Spells Levioso and Depulso in the quick select. Then go to any camp with bandits or goblins. It should be easy enemies so you can levitate them with Levioso. Then speak Depulso directly to the floating opponent to throw him away and also successfully complete this sub-task.

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Learn Descendo and complete task

The last step is to simply return to Hogwarts and take Professor Onai’s classes. Then talk to her to learn Descendo and successfully complete the task. Descendo catapults enemies to the ground, dealing heavy impact damage. You can get an overview of all 34 spells and death curses in the linked guide.

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