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In the Hogwarts Legacy side mission “Secret Storage in the Castle” you should use Arthur’s treasure map to find various landmarks that will ultimately lead you to a painting with a treasure behind it. At this point we will help you with this tricky task.

Hogwarts legacy

Start Secret Storage in the Castle

You can start this quest relatively early in the game from Arthur Plummly near Professor Fig’s classroom in the Astronomy Wing after visiting Hogsmeade for the first time. He will give you Arthur’s Treasure Map, which has various landmarks and a painting depicting treasure.

In the following video we show you the side mission with the location of the treasure at a glance:


Find landmarks with Arthur’s treasure map

A look at the map will show you the landmarks you will pass on the way to the treasure. Below is a rhino skeleton, a fountain with a dragon statue and finally the painting behind which the treasure is hidden.

From the starting point of the quest at Arthur you have to move as follows to find the landmarks:

  1. Turn 180 degrees and go down the stairs three floors.
  2. In the great hall, run down the stairs to your left and you will reach the first landmark, the rhino skeleton.
  3. Continue down the stairs in the great hall and exit the building through the north-east door into the courtyard.
  4. Here it is in the middle of the yard with the Spring the second landmark.
  5. Run past the fountain through the door to the northwest.
  6. Run straight ahead and then up the stairs on the right.
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On the way up you will come to the Painting from Arthur’s map over.

solve the mystery of the painting

In the last step of the treasure hunt you should do this solve the mystery of the painting. Another look at the card gives you the clue to the spell Acciowhich you should use above the painting.

This will make a door appear in the painting that you can go through. Behind you can from the chest with the real historian uniform take your reward. Then return to Arthur to successfully complete the treasure hunt with him.

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