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The Daidalic Keys are collectibles in Hogwarts Legacy. In the following we show you all locations and the reward you get for finding all house tokens.

Hogwarts legacy

Find all house brands

There are 16 Daidalic Keys in total in Hogwarts Legacy. This gives you 16 house brands. Similar to Eye Chests, Goblin Stones, and Demiguise Statues, House Tokens are collectibles in the game. The Spawn Daidalian Key by the way only in Hogwarts Castle, you won’t find them in the open world.

No house brands are missable. She only spawn when you start the side mission “The Daidalic Keys”, which you can start in Hogwarts Castle. You can start the side quest relatively early in your game time, but you can finish only after the 25th main mission. Once you learn how to open locked doors (25th main mission “The moon-possessed caretaker”). You must also complete the side mission if you want to unlock all trophies and achievements.

To get the House Tokens, you need to find the Daidalic Keys in Hogwarts. Keys are distinguished by the fact that they can fly and emit a high-pitched sound when you are near them.

When you see a key in the lock, use Revelio (left directional pad) and approach it, it will fly away. Follow the golden trail from the key, it will lead you to a closet. Now you have to complete a minigame where you hit the key as soon as it is over the lock.

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The following video by YouTuber PowerPyx shows you all locations of the Daidale keys and thus all house brands:

Daidale Keys – Reward

The 16th House tokens must be taken to the house chest in the common room of your house. Once you have all 16 tokens, you will automatically receive a waypoint to the chest.

You must paste the house tokens into the house chest in your common room.  (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)
You must paste the house tokens into the house chest in your common room. (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

After you put all 16 tokens in the chest, you will receive a special outfit as a reward, which represents your house. To complete the side mission completely, you must then talk to the quest giver Nellie. If you have any questions about the side mission, just let us know in the comments. We try to help you.


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