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In Hogwarts Legacy you can unlock and learn the unforgivable curses Avada Kedavra, Crucio and Imperio. These forbidden curses are among the most powerful spells, but many players also wonder if there is any effect or consequences to using these curses. At this point we give the answer and show you the activation conditions for all curses.

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Learn Unforgivable Curses

Important NOTE: Learning the unforgivable curses as the game progresses is missable if you make wrong decisions in some places in dialogues. Make sure to always complete Slytherin student Sebastian Sallow’s side missions when they become available. These always start with the phrase “In the shadows…” and some are also part of the main missions. Always open Sebastian’s owl mail and read it. If you’re already too far into the main story, his missions may not appear. So watch carefully!

The exact mission order to unlock all Unforgivable Curses is as follows:

  1. In the shadow of the bloodline
  2. In the shadow of the study (Here you can crucio learn)
  3. In the Shadow of Discovery
  4. In the Shadow of Time (Here you can empire learn)
  5. In the shadow of the distance
  6. In the shadow of hope
  7. In the Shadow of the Relic (Here you can Avada Kedavra learn)

These are all side missions and some of them only consist of short conversations with Sebastian and his classmate Ominis. Always complete them directly when they appear in your mission menu. In between you have to make progress in the main missions before further side missions appear in the series. In the Shadows… main missions include:

  • In the shadow of the crypt (20th main mission)
  • In the Shadow of the Estate (27th Main Mission)
  • In the Shadow of the Mine (36th main mission)
  • In the Shadow of the Mountain (41st Main Mission)
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The other side missions to unlock the curses then take place between these main missions. It is best to start a manual save before the missions in which you learn the curses. If you make a wrong decision, you can simply reload.

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In the following we describe them to you Unlock each curse even more precise.

Learn crucio

  • Effect: Enemies convulse in pain and deal damage over time. Follow-up attacks also deal additional damage.
  • Activation: Quest “In the Shadow of the Study”

During this quest you will explore catacombs with Sebastian and Omini. During the course, Sebastian will then ask you whether you want to learn Crucio or not. Choose only the second or third dialogue option here to learn Crucio.

The first option leads to the immediate abort of the side mission! The best choice is the third dialogue option, since you lose some health with the second option, but you will definitely learn Crucio with the second option. Sebastian will then use Crucio on you once.

learn empire

  • Effect: Forces enemies to temporarily fight alongside you. You take less damage from other enemies. But they too are cursed and follow-up attacks deal additional damage.
  • Activation: Quest “In the Shadow of Time”

Also in this mission you explore a spacious grave with Sebastian. In the course, Sebastian gives you the choice again whether you want to learn Imperio or not. Choose the second dialogue option, otherwise the first one will cause the mission to be aborted again.

Learn Avada Kedavra

  • Effect: Kills every enemy instantly. Accordingly, has the longest cooldown of all curses.
  • Activation: Quest “In the Shadow of the Relic”
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You learn the death fox last, if you say Sebastion in the dialogue, that everyone should know about the curse. Then agree again that you want to learn Avada Kedavra in order to be able to call this spell your own.

Are there consequences for using the curses?

Unlike in the books and films, you can use the unforgivable curses in Hogwarts Legacy without a guilty conscience. There are no negative consequences or effects for using them in the game.

Use curses in the dark arts battle arena

If you own the Hogwarts Legacy Digital Deluxe and pre-order content, you get exclusive access to the Dark Arts Battle Arena in the forbidden forest north of Hogwarts and west of Hogsmeade.

In the Dark Arts Battle Arena you can try out the forbidden curses (Source: Screenshot GIGA).
In the dark arts battle arena, you can try out the forbidden curses (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

All three curses are unlocked for you in the arena and are already equipped directly in the magic set. You can use them here as often as you like and try them out to defeat waves of enemies.

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