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We show how you can make yourself invisible in Hogwarts Legacy (Source: Screenshot GIGA).
We show how you can make yourself invisible in Hogwarts Legacy (Source: Screenshot GIGA).

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can turn invisible to hide from enemies and guards, or to solve tricky puzzles. Here you can find out how to make yourself invisible with potions or spells.

Hogwarts legacy

Make invisible

There are two methods by which you can turn invisible in Hogwarts Legacy.

  • Invisibility Potion: Makes you instantly invisible to all enemies for 4 seconds, and then becomes less noticeable to enemies for a period of time.
  • Invisibility Spell: Doesn’t make you completely invisible like the potion, but you will be more difficult to spot for enemies.

Make & drink the invisibility potion

With an invisibility potion you can make yourself temporarily invisible. For this you need the following ingredients:

We describe exactly where you can find all the ingredients in the linked guide. Combine these ingredients at any watering station. You will automatically receive one as you progress through the story after unlocking the Room of Requirement. Alternatively, you can use the potions station in the Potions Classroom in the Hogwarts Library Annex beforehand.

The brewing time for the invisibility potion is one minute and when used it makes you completely invisible for four seconds. In order to be able to drink the invisibility potion, you must first select it using the tool wheel. To do this, hold down the L1/LB button on the console versions and then select the invisibility potion at the bottom with the analog stick. Now it’s equipped and you can drink it by pressing the L1/LB button.

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You can find the invisibility potion below in the tool wheel (Source: Screenshot GIGA).
The invisibility potion is at the bottom of the tool wheel (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

Use invisibility spells

About the spell “Disillusionment” you can also make yourself almost invisible. You learn disillusionment automatically during the level 3 main mission “Secrets of the Forbidden Department” with Sebastian. You do this relatively early in the game.

If you want to sneak a lot with disillusionment, you should also do this as early as possible unlock the four stealth talents. Among other things, this makes you even more difficult to discover during use.

By the way: If you approach enemies from behind during Disillusionment, you can take them with you Petrificus totalus freeze and switch off unnoticed.

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