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Hogwarts Legacy has been available for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S for around a month. However, owners of a PS4 and an Xbox One still have to be patient – ​​even longer than previously thought.

Hogwarts legacy

Hogwarts Legacy: Owners of older consoles will have to wait longer

The action role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy was originally supposed to be released in April for all systems of the last generation, but Warner Bros. has now announced that this delay versions become.

On the official Twitter account, the studio thanks them for their love for the game and emphasizes that the team is working hard to deliver the best possible experience across all platforms. More time is needed here, so become Hogwarts Legacy only on May 5, 2023 appear for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, Switch players will have to wait a little longer. For the handheld console, the game is expected to be released on July 25, 2023 (source: Twitter).

Haven’t seen the game yet? We show you the castle:

Hogwarts Legacy is a huge success

The game isn’t even available for all consoles yet, but publisher Warner Bros. Games says it’s already in the first two weeks sold over 12 million copies and thus made worldwide sales of 850 million US dollars. In addition, Hogwarts Legacy set a new record with around 300 million hours of play (source: VGC).

“We are excited and proud of how well Hogwarts Legacy is being received by players, newcomers and critics around the world,” said Warner Bros. Games President Haddad.

Hogwarts Legacy is currently discounted on Amazon:

The action role-playing game achieved a rating of 83 on Metacritic, and the success on Steam is reflected in the rating “very positive” (sources: Metacritic/Steam).

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