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In Hogwarts Legacy, there are many locked doors that contain either collectibles, equipment, or gold. In the following we tell you how you can open the locks.

Hogwarts legacy

Opening locks in Hogwarts Legacy

As you might expect, there are quite a few things to discover in Hogwarts Legacy. Be it treasure chests with eyes, door puzzles or battle arenas. Unfortunately, there are also some locked doors that contain useful items, including the Demiguise statues that you need for all trophies and achievements.

The locked doors are found throughout the open world, but mostly in Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. You cannot open it at the beginning of the game.

Around To open locks, you need the spell “Alohomora”. Him you get it automatically through the main mission “The moon-possessed caretaker”. So you don’t have to do anything else or pay attention to anything else. Play the game’s story and the spell is yours.

After casting the spell “Alohomora” learned from the caretaker, you can now Open locks at level 1. Now when you encounter a level 1 lock, press Square/X (PS/Xbox) and complete the minigame to open the door.

In the minigame you have to find a certain point with both sticks so that the respective gears turn. Once you’ve found the spot, you’ll need to hold both sticks in place for a few seconds to open the lock.

We show you the minigame in the following clip:

Open locked doors on level 2 & 3

Castles however, they can too Level 2 or 3 possess to open them, the normal “Alohomora” spell is not enough. For this you have to Upgrade spell “Alohomora” to level 2 or level 3.

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To level the spell, you must complete the side mission “The Man Behind the Moons” advance. For this you have to Find Demiguise Statues and she dem bring caretaker back.

Demiguise statues only appear during the night, however, you can also find them during the day. If you find a statue during the day, just open it Map and press R3/RT (PS/Xbox) to switch to Night. This way you don’t have to remember where you found it and you can collect the Demiguise statues immediately.

If your the caretaker 9 jams, the spell levels up to level 2, so you can now open level 2 locks. Thereupon you have to go to the caretaker bring another 13 Demiguise statues, to the Level up spells to level 3. Now you can also open level 3 locks.


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