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There are many tricky puzzles to solve in Hogwarts Puzzles. The chess puzzles, which you can discover in two of the treasure vaults, can be particularly difficult. At this point we will show you how to solve the chess puzzles if you don’t have much experience with the board game.

Hogwarts legacy

Solve the first chess puzzle

The first chess puzzle is located in the treasure vault in the north of the Poidsear coast. At the entrance you need two wind turbines with the magic spell Depulso shoot at them until the gate to the treasure vault has opened.

Location of the first chess puzzle (Source: Screenshot GIGA).
Location of the first chess puzzle (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

At the end of the treasure vault you will come to a room with a large chess board in front of you, which is equipped with chess pieces. Your task is to take the black knight (king) from the east edge of the chessboard out of play with one move.

However, none of the white chess pieces can be moved with magic. Use Revelio instead (press left directional button) and take a good look around the room. In one of the corners will be you a strange object highlighted in blue. This could be a chair or a pitcher.

Target the object and cast the spell transformation. You learn this as part of Professor Weasley’s task. If you haven’t learned it yet, you’ll need to continue following the story until Professor Weasley’s quest unlocks.

In our case, behind this conspicuous chair is actually a jumper (Source: Screenshot GIGA).
In our case, behind this eye-catching chair is actually a knight (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

The spell turns the object into a chess piece that you place on the chessboard with Wingardium Leviosa or Accio can.

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Important NOTE: The chess puzzle looks a little different for each player. There are altogether four variants, where at a time a different object in one of the corners of the room can be transformed with transformation. The chess piece can then each pawn, rook, bishop or knight be.

Depending on which chess piece you get in your game, you have to place it in front of the black knight (king) in such a way that he is defeated. If you play chess yourself, this shouldn’t be a problem for you. For everyone else, stick to the following guidelines:

  • Farmer: Places the piece directly on one of the squares diagonally in front of the king.
  • Tower: Places the piece on the rank to the left or right of the king, or on the file in front of him.
  • Runner: Places the piece on any square diagonally in front of the king.
  • jumper: Place the L-shaped piece in front of the king. So either two spaces to the left or right and one space back, or one space to the left or right and two spaces back.
We place the knight in an L-shape in front of the king to defeat him (Source: Screenshot GIGA).
We place the knight in an L-shape in front of the king to defeat him (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

Did you do everything right? the black knight destroys and a chest spawnsfrom which you can take your reward.

Solve second chess puzzle

The second chess puzzle is located on the mountainside east of Lake Marunweem. In front of the entrance to the treasure vault you have to place the cube that you get from the cage in the bandit camp a little to the west. Cast the Glacius spell on him to open the vault door.

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Location of the second chess puzzle (Source: Screenshot GIGA).
Location of the second chess puzzle (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

This chess puzzle works just like the first one. The only difference is that this time you have to remove the white knight (king) from the game. So use Revelio again, transform the object and place it according to the clues above depending on the chess piece.

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