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In Hogwarts Legacy you can discover two hidden Depulso puzzles that are among the most difficult challenges in the game. You have to use the spells Depulso and Accio to move blocks to reach higher treasure chests. At this point we show you in the video guide how you can find and solve the Depulso puzzle rooms 1 and 2.

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Unlock Depulso puzzles

You can obtain two of the collection chests in the Hogwarts school via the puzzle rooms. If you want to complete the game 100%, you have to find them. Before you can complete the Depulso puzzles, however, you must first solve the side mission “The Hall of Herodiana”.

This mission will show you how to discover the hidden rooms and solve the puzzles inside. Riddle Rooms 1 and 2 are basically even more difficult versions of the Depulso Riddle from the side mission, which are then unlocked at Hogwarts.

Find and solve Depulso puzzle room 1

Fast travel to Flea Flame location The Library Annex → Potions Classroom. From the spawn point, run straight through the door in front of you and then go down the stairs on the left. Now just follow the path through the door on the left to a large corridor. You must unlock Alohomora to open the locked door.

On the wall to the right you will discover a button that you can press with Depulso. This opens access to Depulso puzzle room 1. If you’re having trouble finding the room and the puzzles in it, it’s best to follow our video guide below.

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In the puzzle room, your task is to reach all three chests, which are located on the left and right of the wall and further ahead on the opposite side in higher places. To do this, you must use the existing blocks in the room with the spells Accio and Depulso move and arrange them to serve as platforms to reach the chests.

Keep in mind that when blocks touch, they will merge into a larger block. You then move them from now on as a larger block. If you make a mistake at any point and come to a dead end, you can Reset puzzle room at any timeby doing a basic magic shot (R2/RT button) at the hanging glowing object on the left wall.

Once you have looted all three chests in the room, you can return to the entrance area and loot the collection chest that will now spawn here. The puzzle room is then considered to have been successfully completed. If you have trouble solving the puzzle, follow the video above.

Find and solve Depulso puzzle room 2

Fast travel to Flea Flame location The Wing of the Bell Tower → Courtyard of the Bell Tower. From the spawn point, run up the first set of stairs on the left and then continue straight ahead through the door in front of you. Continue straight up the stairs and into the open classroom in front of you. Here you have to open a lock again at the other end. In the next room, run to the south-west corner to find the button on the wall on the right that you can press with Depulso.

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The Depulso puzzle room 2 is again a lot more complex and difficult than the first room. So stick to the video below for the location and full walkthrough.

This time you have to solve two puzzle rooms in a row. As usual, if you make a mistake, you can reset the puzzle rooms at any time by shooting at the glowing object. You must first climb the indentation in the wall to the left in front of you to loot the first treasure.

Then an entrance opens on the opposite side, which leads you to the second puzzle room with the other two chests. These are on the left and right side. Once you have opened all chests, the exit opens and you can open a collection chest with a random summoning object again.

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