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The unicorn is one of the rarest magical beasts in Hogwarts Legacy, and before you can find and capture it yourself, you must meet certain requirements. We’ll show you the unicorn locality that you unlock through the quest “The Unique Unicorn”.

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Start the Unique Unicorn quest

To unlock the unicorn as a magical animal, you must first follow the main missions for a while. Because only after the 40th main mission “Trial of Niamh Fitzgerals” is the side mission “The Unique Unicorn” unlocked in Hogsmeade.

In the northeast of Hogsmeade you can talk to Betty Bugbrooke, who misses her unicorn Hazel.

Only late in the game can you unlock unicorns via this side mission (Source: Screenshot GIGA).
Only late in the game can you unlock unicorns via this side mission (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

Find and catch unicorns

After talking to Betty, a will appear Den for unicorns further north in the Forbidden Forest. Just follow the quest marker and go there. From this point on, this building is already permanently available and you can always catch unicorns here.

During the quest, a burrow for unicorns is unlocked north of Hogsmeade (Source: Screenshot GIGA).
During the quest, a den for unicorns will unlock north of Hogsmeade (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

You can catch unicorns with your snap sack just like any other animal creature. However, a normal unicorn is not enough to complete the quest, you have to “Hazel the Unicorn” Keeping an eye out.

To make it easier for you, use one invisibility potion or the magic spell disillusionment, so Hazel and other unicorns don’t spot you when you approach. That way you can catch them easier. Once you’ve caught Hazel, talk to Betty again in Hogsmeade to successfully complete the quest.

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Like all other beasts, you can breeding unicornsto have cute unicorn offspring. Alternatively you can sell unicornsto earn 120 gold pieces per copy.

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