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The Honor Magic 5 Ultimate has some special tricks up its sleeve. (Image source: Honor)

Honor goes all out after the Huawei spin-off and presents many promising smartphones that can hold up well against the competition. Now the “ultimate” model has been unveiled, which has some additional tricks up its sleeve.

Honor: Huawei's offshoot for

Honor Magic 5 Ultimate presented

With the Honor Magic 5 Pro and Magic 5 Lite, the Chinese company recently announced two promising smartphones for Germany that offer good value for money. The Magic 5 Ultimate, which is even more spectacular, has now also been introduced in China (source: Honor). Technically, the Magic 5 Pro and Magic 5 Ultimate are very similar, but the Ultimate version has even more to offer:

  • The display is protected by a new nano glass-ceramic, making it better than other smartphones a tenfold higher breaking strength owns.
  • Honor installs a new one in the Magic 5 Ultimate Silicon-carbon anode battery, which has a higher capacity of 5,450 mAh. The Pro model has a 5,100 mAh battery. The energy density of the new battery is higher, so that the capacity could be noticeably increased without changing the size.
  • Instead of glass, Honor uses one in the Magic 5 Ultimate Leather backwhich is intended to produce a higher quality effect.
  • In addition, the Camera optics changed. However, the same sensors are used.

The latter is particularly important, because that’s how we know that the Honor Magic 5 Pro remains the best camera smartphone. With the predecessor, the Ultimate smartphone was equipped with a better camera. That’s not the case this time, so we get the maximum in that range.

In the video we introduce you to the Honor Magic 5 Pro:

Is the Honor Magic 5 Ultimate coming to Germany?

This is currently not to be expected. Honor has only announced the Magic 5 Pro and Magic 5 Lite for Germany. In addition, the folding mobile phone Magic Vs comes to us. In China, the Honor Magic 5 Ultimate costs around 900 euros. The market launch there is on March 10th.

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