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The horror community is looking forward to an upcoming adventure that uses Unreal Engine 5 to provide the creepiest visuals possible. The first trailer for Stray Souls can already convince many fans.

PlayStation 5

With Stray Souls, horror fans can look forward to a chilling adventure with great graphics later this year. The third person game relies on the Unreal Engine 5to create the most realistic atmosphere possible. The first official trailer has already been well received in the community.

Stray Souls: New horror hit coming in 2023

Stray Souls revolves around a dark family secret – when 18-year-old Daniel inherits a house, he has no idea that his grandmother is exceedingly dark ties to a supernatural cult and dark powers are waiting for him in the house. The game, whose plot at first glance resembles hit horror film Hereditary at least a little, promises plenty of shocks and a spooky atmosphere, as the new trailer proves.

Check out the trailer for Stray Souls here:

For the game, which is due to appear in 2023 for the PS5, the PC and the Xbox consoles, the developer Jukai Studio not only uses the Unreal Engine 5, but also uses it Technology from Epic’s Metahuman-Technology, to make the NPCs as lifelike as possible. You can already get the game on Steam put on your wish list.

Stray Souls

Graphic blast gives horror fans hope

The comments below the trailer on YouTube show that the community has high hopes for Stary Souls. Reminds some of Alan Wake during others more of a Silent Hill impression from the trailer carry away – neither of which are bad role models for the upcoming debut horror game from the Polish developer studio.

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Video game horror is now also well received in series form – however, the HBO film adaptation of The Last of Us will deviate from the gaming template in the future:

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