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When it comes to e-cars, Asian manufacturers are also increasingly coming into focus in this country. The Ioniq 5 is also a real success story for Hyundai. The e-car gives the Koreans more than even the European boss saw coming.


Ioniq 5 delivers: Not even Hyundai believed in this success

On the one hand, Hyundai has not taken any risks with the Ioniq 5: the modern, but not large SUV is very trendy. On the other hand, you have the Hyundai’s price limits open upwards – a risky step for the customer base, because it only starts from just under 44,000 euros. She probably knows how successful the South Koreans were anyway partly surprised himself.

When asked whether there would be a limit to how far Hyundai wants to open up the premium segment in the future, European boss Michael Cole explains: “Our experience with the Ioniq 5 almost points to a no” (source: car). The e-SUV has won various new customers for Hyundai and there is “probably one higher proportion of customers from premium brands than we expected”.

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With its success, the Ioniq 5 has paved the way for other e-cars under Hyundai’s sub-brand: The first brother, the Ioniq 6, is on the same platform, but comes as a sporty and resistance-optimized sedan. The Ioniq 7, a significantly larger SUV planned for 2024, is only coming to Europe because of the Ioniq 5 has done the groundwork. According to Cole, it was previously unsure whether the large SUV would be suitable for Europe.

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Even with the bigger brother of the Ioniq 5, you want to poach the premium brands again. Cole states: “Brand loyalty doesn’t seem to be that strong with electric cars.”

Hyundai has received prominent support for the presentation of the Ioniq 6:

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The previous Hyundai customers, who mainly buy the volume models, do not want to be scared away with the electric offer. “We want them Keep customer base that we have. We’re not trying to change our entire focus, but we believe we can reach completely new customers with e-cars.”

This also fits with the plans that Hyundai wants to continue the successful i10, i20 and i30 models for a longer period of time. Whether they too purely electric offshoots received, but is still open.

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