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Former Twitch star Adin Ross is causing one scandal after another. Since he’s been on the competition platform Kick, he doesn’t seem to have any more inhibitions. There he showed in front of thousands of viewers how he scrolls the homepage of Pornhub. That apparently broke the camel’s back for Twitch. Adin Ross was permanently banned – wrongly so, according to the scandal streamer.

Adin Ross streams porn on Kick

For the eighth time Adin Ross already banned on Twitch – but this time probably for good. The successful streamer recently had more than 7 million followers on his channel, but is now mainly on the live streaming platform Kick en route, which is in direct competition with Twitch and has much more relaxed terms of service. This is particularly attractive for content creators, who would normally get a ban with their content on Twitch.

Adin Ross also seems to be enjoying this greater degree of freedom to the fullest, at least one of his recent streams on Kick suggests that. In this he shamelessly scrolled over the homepage of the Pornhub erotic portal for around two minutes and asked his viewers what they wanted to see. At the same time, however, he noted that he himself would not support porn, let alone condone it at all.


The corresponding clip (with censored website content) can be found here:

After his brief foray into the wonderful erotic world of the Internet, he then asks his viewers how old they actually are. Most state in the chat that they are between 12 and 25 years old. That seems to shock Adin Ross: “Damn, I didn’t know that.”

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Adin Ross after Twitch ban: “I was permanently blocked for no reason”

After his kick stream, Adin Ross received a permanent twitch ban a short time later, which he believes is completely unjustified:

“Look, I’ve been permanently banned from Twitch. The thing is over. But I was permanently banned for no reason whatsoever. How can you ban someone on Twitch (…) if I haven’t even streamed there?”

However, who Check out the Twitch Community Guidelines throws, will find that Twitch reserves the right to ban streamers, even if they completely misbehave off the platform. This addition may have escaped Adin Ross’ attention. The streamer has now admitted to his behavior on twitter sorry, but it is not clear whether the statement is purely an attempt to limit the damage.

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