If gas and oil heaters are banned: These owners can breathe a sigh of relief gameandnews

When the first information about the planned ban on gas and oil heating leaked out, the indignation was huge. The heating systems installed in many houses are to be replaced and banned from as early as 2024. At least for built-in gas and oil heating systems, there is now an all-clear.

Broken gas and oil heaters can be repaired

In the last few days there has only been one topic in Germany. The planned ban on gas and oil heating from 2024. Actually, the ban should not come until 2025, but Economics Minister Robert Habeck is said to have other plans. Anyone who builds a house or needs a new heating system after 2024 can no longer rely on gas or oil. The new The heating system must run on 65 percent renewable energy. The classic solutions are completely eliminated. Instead, it must then be converted to a heat pump, district heating or a biomass boiler. But what happens to the inventory? Can you still repair the old gas and oil heating system?

Contrary to earlier statements, where the repair of a gas and oil heating system should only be possible for three years, Robert Habeck is now rowing back. Opposite of WirtschaftsWoche he said: “If the old gas heating still works, it can stay in. If it’s broken, you can fix it. If it can no longer be repaired, there are workable interim solutions.”

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Ultimately, this means that gas and oil heating systems are already in use can still be repaired. In most cases, this should be cheaper than having to install a new heating system, even if half the gas boiler has to be replaced. The systems have proven to be very reliable over the past decades. Owners of gas and oil heating systems can therefore breathe a sigh of relief.

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You can save electricity costs with a balcony power plant:

Is it still worth installing a new gas heating system?

Nothing has been decided at the moment, but many people are rightly asking themselves whether they should quickly replace their gas heating system in 2023. This can definitely make sense if the old system is extremely old. The gas consumption of a new model is then also somewhat lower.

But in the end, the question arises as to how long gas will remain affordable. Although the federal government has now introduced a gas price brake, if gas itself is becoming more and more expensive, it could be worth switching to a heat pump in the long run. Here you should think carefully and seek advice. At the moment there are still many unanswered questions, so it is not easy to make a decision.

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