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Streaming services like Netflix, Disney+ and Co. entertain us with lots of series and films. Nevertheless, one or the other user can be put under pressure by the constantly growing offer. “Streaming stress” is not good and in the current issue of GIGA’s weekend column I’ll tell you what you can do about it.


What would you all do all evening without streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and Co.? Talk to each other? God forbid! We don’t want to let it get that far however, streaming can also be stressfulnamely when you allow yourself to be put under pressure in the face of the sheer oversupply.

And this offer is growing and growing. Netflix in particular releases new content every hour, who is supposed to keep up? Don’t look anymore? You can’t, after all you’re paying for it. So you “must” see something. What stress?!

“Streaming stress” from Netflix and Co: 7 tips to avoid it

If you are not affected by the symptoms mentioned, one can only congratulate you. Everyone else should join my following 7 tips to deal with the “streaming stress” take it to heart or understand it as an offer.

1. Accept reality: In your lifetime you will never be able to see all the films and series that are waiting for you on Netflix and Co. Ergo: Don’t even try to see as much of it as possible.

2. Avoid first seasons: Netflix has that one hot new show everyone’s talking about? Forget it and never watch a first season. Better to wait and see. If things go wrong, the series will be canceled anyway. Only when a second season is confirmed can you get started. Until then: keep your feet still.

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3. Quality instead of quantity: Don’t look at all crap. Use services like JustWatch to filter the offer according to your needs and requirements. For example, I don’t watch anything that gets less than 6 points on the IMDb, rather 7 points or more.

This year we have a lot to look forward to:

Netflix Movies 2023 English Trailer

4. Set yourself a limit: Don’t look too much. For example a film in the evening, alternatively two to three episodes of a series. In the end, less is more.

5. Get enough sleep: In addition to tip number 4, don’t keep “binging through” a series until 2 in the morning. Go to bed earlier and treat yourself to a good night’s sleep. It’s healthier and generally good at relieving stress.

6. Go outside every once in a while: Get off the couch, put on your shoes, and go for a walk around the block. Fresh air is good and you can collect your thoughts again. This is how you process what you see and it stays in your memory better.

7. Away with the chips: Junk food tastes good, but chips and sugar-sweet cola are the wrong diet for successfully coping with stress. Herbal tea and fresh fruit, on the other hand, are much better. So: “An apple a day keeps the stress away.”

My thoughts for the weekend: The column aims to provide food for thought and reflect on the week’s “news flood” towards the end. A small selection of previous articles in the column:

Your health is more important

You don’t have to follow all of my advice right away. But already one small change in daily habits helps to avoid the “streaming stress” in the future. Always remember: Netflix and Co. are for entertainment and should be fun, not sick. So don’t put yourself under pressure find a healthy level.

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