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Normally, Netflix would have lost a popular series in March and had to hand some of it over to Disney+. Surprisingly, however, “Arrested Development” now remains with Netflix. However, there are limitations and special features.


The situation seemed clear: The popular comedy series “Arrested Development” with well-known actors like Jason Bateman and Will Arnett should actually disappear completely from Netflix in mid-March for licensing reasons. The first three seasons were then expected on Disney +. But what happens to the last two seasons exclusively produced by Netflix? The future seemed uncertain.

Netflix may keep Arrested Development for now

Now the big surprise: seasons 1 to 3 of “Arrested Development” can now actually be found on Disney+ (watch at Disney+), but all seasons (1 to 5) still remain on Netflix (watch on Netflix).

Ergo: If you want to see “Arrested Development” in full, you still need Netflix. customers Meanwhile, Disney+ customers will have to do without seasons 4 and 5 produced by Netflix (Source: golem).

In particular German Netflix customers obviously get an extra sausage, because the series will not remain in the Netflix program worldwide. In many countries, “Arrested Development” was actually taken out and can only be seen incompletely (seasons 1 to 3) on Disney+. In this country and in Austria and the Netherlands, among other places, the series will remain on Netflix until it is called up.

Season 5 was produced by Netflix and will remain so for the foreseeable future:

Arrested Development Season 5 – Trailer German

Important to know: “Arrested Development” can only be found on Netflix with a regular subscription; the series is not available in the cheaper, advertising-financed version of Netflix. So you must have at least one basic monthly subscription for 8 euros.

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Are seasons 4 and 5 coming to Disney+ someday?

It remains unclear how long this will last “hybrid state” of the series will continue and whether Disney+ will also get the remaining two seasons of Netflix for the foreseeable future. Any background discussions that focus on financial details can be assumed.

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