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Hotel Renovator is going really fast on Steam and is captivating the players – and I too am completely addicted to the Steam newcomer. The new simulator was able to captivate me for 9 hours at a time and made sure that I completely lost track of time.

Steam: Renovate a huge hotel and let your imagination run wild

With Hotel Renovator, a new simulation was released on March 7, 2023, in which you rebuild, renovate and let your creativity run free. What exactly is it about? You inherit an old and neglected hotel that has passed its best days. Now it’s time to tear it down, make it new and set it up according to your taste. After all, you want to open it up again for new guests. But beware: The game has the potential to completely absorb you.

At a current price of 19.99 euros (watch now on Steam) instead of $24.99, I just wanted to try Hotel Renovator as I’ve enjoyed games like House Pinball in the past. I even play The Sims just to build and get creative. Nine hours passed in no timewithout my noticing. Because in Hotel Renovator there is always a lot to do!

With the help of a selection of countless pieces of furniture, wallpaper, lamps, curtains, carpets, materials, colors and much more, you can breathe new life into the family hotel – either in the Story or sandbox mode. However, renovating and furnishing is not your only task. Some hotel guests have special needs. There are also some challenges and problems to be solved. A crazy chicken (yes, a chicken) will mess with you on a regular basis.

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Incidentally, you are not solely dependent on the furniture, materials and things that you gradually unlock in the game. Developer Two Horizons also offers you a mod that lets you submit unique furniture designs yourself and may share with other players.

Get an impression of the game in the trailer:

Hotel Renovator: What are others saying about the game?

On Steam, the simulation is getting the rating so far “Mostly positive”. 76% of players are satisfied. Among other things, the graphics, the performance and the addiction factor are praised. Here and there the renovators complain about bugs that can occur. However, it can be assumed that updates and fixes will follow gradually (source: Steam).

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