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Will Screenwriters Be Unemployed? OpenAI’s text robot ChatGPT got involved in a new episode of the South Park animated series. He’s even credited as a co-writer alongside Trey Parker. The content of the episode is also about the consequences of AI in everyday life.

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South Park: ChatGPT co-writes episode

The fourth episode of South Park’s now 26th season premiered. For the first time, not only human screenwriters, but probably also the text robot ChatGPT from OpenAI contributed to the episode. At least that’s what it says in the credits of the episode titled “Deep Learning” (source: Man of Many).

ChatGPT not only co-wrote it, but is also the subject of the episode itself. The chatbot is used by the elementary school students in the series to do homework and essays. Also the text robot is used to formulate messages to girls. According to the boys, ChatGPT is not only there to write poems or job applications. What the bot is said to be really good at is “dealing with women”.

In typical South Park fashion, it doesn’t take long for seemingly harmless decisions to end in chaos. When it comes out that the guys are using ChatGPT for personal messaging, they help ChatGPT out of the mess of all things. Blame is shifted to OpenAI and other big tech companies. The danger posed by AI systems is underestimated – which ChatGPT itself claims in the episode.

Maybe an AI will soon take over the animation at South Park:

South Park: Did ChatGPT Really Help?

Whether ChatGPT was really a co-writer of the episode is probably only known by the creators of the series. The main part of “Deep Learning” is said to have been written by Trey Parker while ChatGPT responsible for the last few minutes.

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What is certain is that the creators of the series Matt Stone and Trey Parker have been in the past showed clear interest in AI have. In December 2022, the two secured a $20 million investment in their AI studio Deep Voodoo.

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