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Apple has been working on a very special feature for over a decade. Sooner or later this could trigger a real smartwatch revolution and help millions of people. Now Apple has gone a step further.


Even before the first Apple Watch saw the light of day, Apple set out to work on a particularly ingenious function that will benefit smartwatches and their users in the future. Specifically: Apple has been researching a non-invasive technology for measuring blood sugar since they founded the company “RareLight”. year 2010 bought. The corresponding project was launched immediately afterwards by Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs, who died in 2011. Well-known Apple insider and Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman reveals this and more in his latest report (source: Bloomberg).

Apple Watch with blood glucose monitoring: Milestone reached

According to Gurman, Apple has recently been able to make enormous progress in development. Accordingly, the technology is located now in the proof-of-concept stage. Means: Basically feasible, but the technology must be further reduced so that it fits into the Apple Watch. Currently, the device is probably the size of an iPhone and can be attached to a user’s arm. This is already a big step forward, because previously the technology took up much more space and had to be placed on a table.

Apple’s current smartwatch family can do a lot, but still not measure blood sugar levels:

But how exactly should a non-invasive blood glucose measurement be carried out? So far, blood has usually had to be taken for this. Apple is working on one for this silicon photonic chip. With the help of optical absorption spectroscopy, he should then send the light of a laser under the skin in order to ultimately be able to determine the glucose concentration in the body.

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Revolution for all Smartwatch users

Apple has been testing the basic technology on humans for 10 years. The company is currently holding initial talks about state approval of the technology. Ergo: Apple is so sure about the technology suitable for series production in the foreseeable future close. But it might take a while. After all, there have been corresponding reports for years, but we have not yet seen the technology in the Apple Watch. Ergo: It’s better not to expect the Apple Watch 9 this year.

But it can already be said that such a smartwatch is a small revolution would trigger. Apple’s technology would not only be a blessing for diabetics, but could ultimately also help to identify the disease early and fight it in consultation with doctors.

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