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The first season of The Last of Us is over. The HBO series fully lived up to expectations. Collectors and hardcore series or gaming fans are wondering whether there will also be a Blu-ray or DVD version of The Last of Us season 1.

The Last of Us

Not everyone wants to create an account with WOW or a pay TV subscription with Sky. Apart from that, there is the possibility to buy the series as a stream on Amazon Video. Whether a disc version will appear in Germany is not yet officially certain.

All episodes of The Last of Us streaming at WOW

“The Last of Us”: Series on Blu-ray & DVD comes in USA and Great Britain

There will definitely be a Bluray version in the US and UK though. A corresponding version has already been announced for the UK market. All 9 episodes of the first season will be released in the UK on Bluray on July 17, 2023.

There will be a DVD edition as well as Bluray editions in a standard packaging with the 4K version and a 4K UHD version in a limited Steelbook. At can you see the versions already pre-order. This is also possible from Germany, but the versions have no German voice output. Series lovers can listen to the first 9 episodes in the original voice acting. Amazon Germany has an entry for the UK Blu-ray or DVD version of the “The Last of Us” series, but the items are “not available” here. A German version is not yet available for pre-order from Amazon and other German online shops. So if you want to put the German version of the series on DVD or Bluray on the shelf, you have to be patient.

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“The Last of Us” on Blu-ray & DVD: Special features at a glance

The editions mentioned have also been announced for a release in the USA. In addition to the 9 episodes of the series, there will be some special features with “behind the scenes”, making-ofs and background information on series production.

A second season of the series has already been officially announced. What awaits us:

Also the featurette “The Last of Us: Stranger Than Fiction‘ is included on the disc version. In the special, some experts have their say who scientifically assess the mushroom apocalypse. With “Controller’s DownThere’s another featurette that sheds light on The Last of Us’ journey from game to series. “From levels to live action‘ shows how popular scenes from the game have been adapted into the series.

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