Is there a cheaper 49-euro ticket for students and trainees? gameandnews

The “Germany” ticket will start on May 1st and, as the name suggests, will cost 49 euros. What about students and trainees? Are there any discounts?

The ticket is valid as a ticket for local public transport throughout Germany. So you can use it to travel by bus, train, subway and more.

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Germany ticket for students & trainees: Are there discounts?

As with students, there are no discounts for pupils and students with the 49-euro ticket. According to the current status, the full price must therefore be paid. But there could still be changes. In several federal states there are plans to introduce a 29-euro offer for schoolchildren, trainees and other groups of people in addition to the 49-euro ticket for everyone. 365 euro tickets for a whole year are also being considered. Some countries also want to integrate an existing trainee ticket into the Germany ticket. So far, however, these plans have not existed nationwide, but only in individual federal states such as Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania or Bavaria.

In addition, it is unlikely that many of these additional ticket offers will be available when the Germany ticket launches on May 1st. This starts in Baden-Württemberg on March 1st Youth ticket BW for pupils, students, trainees and volunteers. The offer costs 365 euros for one year (30.42 euros per month), but is initially only intended for trips in the federal state and not throughout Germany. In Saarland, the already existing “Young People Ticket Saar” is to open on May 1st for trips across the country be expanded. In Niedersachsen a Germany-wide valid 29-euro ticket is planned for the corresponding groups. However, a start is not planned until 2024.

49-euro ticket for students & trainees not cheaper

Whether the 49-euro ticket is worthwhile for students or trainees without a discount depends on where you want to go as a person during the training phase. Who only traveling regionally is still able to access his student or trainee ticket in most regions of Germany, which is cheaper than the “Germany” ticket. In addition, depending on the federal state, there are tariffs for young people that are cheaper for regional journeys than the Germany ticket. However, the scope is smaller. Are you planning trips in the near future? through the whole countrythe 49-euro ticket could also be worthwhile.


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