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Rovio is removing the original Angry Birds from the Google Play Store. (Image source: GIGA)

It’s the end of an era: after 14 years, a legendary cult game flies from the Google Play Store. If you still want to secure the game on your smartphone, you have to be quick. It’s already in two days.

Whether free, with ads or supported by in-app purchases: The Google Play Store is overflowing with games. There is something for every taste. Away February 23, 2023 owners of Android smartphones have to do without a real classic: Angry Birds.

Original Angry Birds will be removed from Google Play Store

The 2009 original, now known as Rovio Classics: AB, will then be removed from the Google Play Store. The Finnish development studio does not comment directly on the exact reasons for the end. “We have reviewed Rovio Classics: Angry Birds and due to the game’s impact on the rest of our portfolio, we have decided that Angry Birds will no longer be available on the Google Play Store as of Thursday February 23,” the statement said (see tweet below).

Remarkable: On Apple’s mobile platform Rovio seems to have come to a different conclusion. There he will Classic games not removed. Only a renaming to “Red’s First Flight” is pending in the App Store.

After all, the game should remain playable on devices on which it has already been downloaded, even after it has ended in the Google Play Store.

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Still enough Angry Birds games available

If you’re nostalgic about the original Angry Birds and haven’t downloaded the game yet, you still have two days left.

Rovio charges 1.19 euros for the classic game. Alternatively, the Finns offer a whole arsenal of other Angry Birds games. Android users will not have to do without the angry birds and the well-known slingshot game principle even after the deadline.

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