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Balcony power plants are becoming increasingly popular. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that more and more people are dealing with the topic and want to save energy costs. On the other hand, the prices for mini solar systems are falling drastically. A new rule is likely to become a real problem for landlords and homeowners’ associations. But there is also a new opportunity.

Landlords and WEGs will soon not be able to prevent balcony power plants

Hundreds of thousands of balcony power plants have already been installed in Germany. Many people want to buy such a mini solar system, but fail because of the landlord or the homeowners association (WEG), who speak out against it, since such a balcony power plant has a strong influence on the appearance of the house. But Germany wants to move forward and no longer want to be restricted. Therefore, an important change is now planned, the should not suit landlords at all.

Accordingly, not only is it planned to increase the output of balcony power plants to 800 watts, but the federal government wants such a mini solar system as “Privileged measure in the WEG/BGB” establish. This means that landlords and homeowners associations the attachment can no longer prevent. At least that’s the plan, which should probably be implemented in May.

Tenants and apartment owners who have not yet received permission to set up a balcony power plant can no longer be prevented from doing so in the future. So you could build a mini solar system, even if the landlord or the WEG doesn’t like it.

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When the balcony power plant is worthwhile for you, we tell you in the video:

Landlords and WEGs could find a compromise

It is often reported in current reports on balcony power plants that the appearance of the houses is worsened by balcony power plants. That’s probably true if every landlord creates his own solution. Therefore, landlords and WEGs should respond proactively to this change and work with tenants. You could buy balcony power plants in the same design and with the same fastening solutions, not only saving money, but creating a common look.

Of course nobody can be forced to purchase a mini solar system if the tenant does not want it. But there are more and more people who are interested in it, and if the blockade of landlords and WEGs is broken, interest should increase again significantly.

Peter Hryciuk

Own opinion: I was able to convince many neighbors of a balcony power plant, so that more and more apartment owners are installing such a system. The prices are extremely attractive, so that the investment usually pays for itself after three to five years. If you get a subsidy in your region, then much faster.

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