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The last public broadcaster is closing: Bayerischer Rundfunk is closing its media library. So the solo effort came to an end. The content will not disappear, but can be seen in the ARD media library in the future.


Bayerischer Rundfunk gives up its own media library

As expected, Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) has decided to own media library at the end of March 2023. After that, content should only be visible in the ARD media library, as is already the case with other third-party programs. This makes BR the last major ARD broadcaster to give up its independent media library and join the joint platform. From April 1st, users will be automatically forwarded to the ARD media library.

The BR had itself resisted the step for a long time, but now finally gives up his resistance. It was decided last year that the BR media library will be discontinued. At the end of 2021, however, BR director Katja Wildermuth said that the broadcaster wanted to “take a look at the matter in peace”. According to her, it was uncertain whether the ARD media library could offer regional topics as well as regional broadcasters do.

Apparently, opinion has changed. Now it is said that “like all other state broadcasters” they would concentrate on to strengthen the five major digital platforms of ARD (Source: In addition to the well-known media library, there are also the ARD audio library,, and

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Only ARD media library: BR gives up

With the discontinuation of the media library, a small era in which BR presented its content independently is also coming to an end. The decision to join the common platform should further contribute to the ARD media library as a large German streaming portal to establish.

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